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Online Classes FAQs

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Online Classes Content

Subscriptions and Billing

Recipe Questions and Forum

System Requirements and Video Troubleshooting



Are your classes suitable for beginners or experienced chefs?

We have produced a range of recipes with varying levels of difficulty from beginner through to advanced products. Each video and downloadable recipe is clearly marked with its level of difficulty. For beginners or chefs with limited experience making chocolate and patisserie products, we recommend that you start with the recipes marked Beginner or Intermediate before progressing to the Advanced videos.

Will I need special equipment to make the products in the Online Classes?

For some recipes, especially the more advanced recipes, you may need specialised equipment such as Flexipans, depositors, etc. We have clearly listed on each downloadable recipe what specialised equipment, if any, is needed to complete each component and if there are any substitutions you can use.

What topics do the Online Classes cover?

Online Classes cover a wide range of topics, including chocolate-making and chocolate theory including tempering, entremets and petit gateaux, tarts, choux pastry, macarons, desserts, tea cakes and more. We will be adding several new recipes or techniques each month to the online library, so there are always new and exciting recipes for subscribers to make.

Do Online Classes teach the same recipes taught at Savour School?

No, the recipes used in Online Classes have been developed exclusively by Kirsten Tibballs for Savour Online. We have also included variations on some popular recipes that Kirsten presented on MasterChef Australia and Everyday Gourmet at the request of users.

Many of the techniques used in the videos are similar to those taught at Savour School. If you would prefer hands-on instruction in any of the topics covered, we recommend that you take one of our onsite classes at our school in Melbourne.

Can I share the videos with others or post the recipes on my blog?

No; subscribers can only use the recipes and videos for their own personal use. Content from Savour Online Classes including videos, recipes, images and other content cannot be posted elsewhere online, distributed to others or accessed by non-subscribers of this service.



How do the annual and monthly subscriptions get billed?

The annual subscription is a one-off payment paid at the start of a 12 month membership period. Annual subscriptions are not automatically renewed. If you wish to renew your membership after it expires, you will need purchase a new annual plan on the website.

Monthly subscriptions are billed each month from the date your membership starts to either your credit card or PayPal account.

Please go to the Online Classes page to view the current annual and monthly fees.

I’ve signed up; what now?

After you have signed up and paid for your subscription, please log out then log back in to access the Online Classes.

On the main Online Classes screen, you will see links to our latest videos and recent comments posted by users and the Savour team to the Forum. You can find classes by category, view the latest classes or visit the forum by using the menus on the right of the screen. On the video pages, you will find information on the level of difficulty for the recipe or technique, a step-by-step video, and a detailed recipe to download in PDF format.

How do I change my payment details for my monthly plan?

If your subscription is charged using PayPal, you can manage your payment details by logging in to your PayPal account. If your subscription is charged directly to your credit card, please contact info@savourschool.com.au with your updated payment details.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your monthly membership at any time by logging in to your account and going to the My Account page. Select ‘Manage Subscription’, and then select the Cancel button. Please note that it takes up to 48 hours to process any cancellations. We do not offer refunds for unused parts of months.

You cannot cancel or hold annual subscriptions once they have been paid for.



Help! I have questions about recipes or techniques in the videos.

We recommend that users post their questions and comments about videos on the forum. If you come across a question that you know the answer to, please feel free to answer it!

If you have detailed questions, or require one-on-one help, we also offer private consultations with Kirsten Tibballs using Google Helpouts.

How do I source ingredients / ingredients are called by different names in my country.

For the sake of consistency, we are calling ingredients by the names that they are known by in Australia. For example, what we list as plain flour is known as all-purpose flour in some countries or by its protein level in others.

We will be adding information on the Forum about the different names of ingredients and where they can be sourced. Many of the ingredients can be purchased directly from Savour.

If you have questions about ingredients that are not already answered on the Forum, please add your questions to the Forum so that Savour or other users can answer them.

Can I change the recipe quantities?

Absolutely! Just be aware that for reducing or increasing recipe quantities can affect cooking and baking times.

How do I use the forum?

You can access the forum from the right hand menu on any pages within the Online Classes section of the website. The forum has been divided into categories by recipe type, and there are subcategories for each recipe online.

Please ensure that you post your questions and comments under the correct sub-category to avoid confusion and doubling up on questions.

You can edit your forum profile, add an avatar and more by selecting the ‘USER CONTROL PANEL’ button at the very bottom of the forum page.

Please note that Savour Admin may delete posts with inappropriate language or external advertising material. Users who repeatedly post inappropriate material to the forum may be banned from it at the discretion of Savour School.

Are the videos available in languages other than English?

At this stage, all of the videos and recipes are available in English only. 

I have further questions…

If you have any further questions about your account or how to use online classes, please check the Forum, schedule a Helpout or contact us at info@savourschool.com.au.

If you have any feedback about online classes, we welcome you to send it to us by email.

Please note that Savour staff are unable to answer phone enquiries regarding online class management and content.



Are there any system requirements that I need to use Online Classes?

You will need Adobe Reader or Preview in Mac to download and view the PDF recipes for each video. This service supports most web browsers and use on iPads and most tablets, but we recommend that you download the latest version of your browser for speed and security reasons.

How do I play the videos / the video won’t play.

When you hold your mouse over the video the play button will appear in the centre of the video screen. Click play to start! You can expand the videos to full screen by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner of the video.

If the video will not play, try re-loading the page or giving the video more time to buffer.

The videos are freezing or are stopping and starting.

If the videos are stopping and starting, try pausing the video and leaving it for 10-15 minutes to buffer. The videos will play automatically in SD, but they may take longer to load if you change this to HD. If the video is freezing while you are in HD mode, try switching the video back to SD.

You can also try closing other browser windows and programs as this may speed up the videos. Finally, check to make sure that you have the latest version of Flash installed or that you are using a browser with native HTML5 support.

If you continue to experience difficulties loading videos, please try using it in another browser or device.

How do I watch the videos in full screen?

Click the 'Enter Full Screen' button on the bottom right of the video control panel, then click the 'Scaling is on' button in the top right corner of the screen (this button will not appear on iPads).

How do I watch the videos in HD?

Simply click the HD button on the bottom right of the video control panel. Note: this option is not available when viewing videos on an iPad.

I can play the video but there is no sound.

Make sure that the volume on your computer is turned up and not muted. The video also has a separate volume control. To check the sound level of the video, check the volume level at the bottom right on the video controls.

Can I download any of the videos?

No; the videos can only be watched online on the Savour website. You can download the written recipes in PDF to keep. You can watch the videos of the recipes as many times as you like on the website when you are online.