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So Good Issue 23

Number of pages: 304
Measures: 230 x 297 cm
Language: English



  • Gabriele Riva. LESS but better – Love. Earth. Simply. Sustainable.
  • David Briand. From chance to the summit
  • Paul Kennedy. Deal in the happiness industry
  • Hans Ovando. The spirit of the bee
  • Melissa Coppel. Playing by your own rules
  • Luciano García. New horizons of beauty
  • Francisco Migoya. The train of knowledge
  • Yusuke Aoki. North to south, west to east … globe-trotting pâtissier
  • Bobby Schaffer. Going with the grain
  • Gregory Doyen. As elegant as a swan
  • Russ Thayer. The freshness of berries
  • Vinesh Johny. India jumps on stage
  • Jean-Christophe Jeanson. Transmit and learn from excellence
  • Marco d’Andrea. The perfect Mix
  • Michal Wisniewski. Advancing through taste
  • Ross Sneddon. Elegant patisserie for the Grand Old Lady
  • Elena Pérez. Tell me about it on the plate
  • Will Aghajanian. Cooking in the bubble
  • Tidbits
  • Leonardo di Carlo. Comfort or revolution
  • Olivier Fernández. Cocoa beyond chocolate
  • Dinara Kasko. Real art for multi-tier cakes
  • Radix, by Paco Torreblanca. The pastry which doesn’t need to be in fashion
  • Steinbeisser Experimental Gastronomy. Redefining the gastronomic experience
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