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PAST BEST BEFORE Home Chef Glycerine 180g

Best Before: 03/01/2019

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Glicerina or glycerol is a thick, neutral liquid with a sweet taste, which becomes gelatinous when cooled to the touch and sight. It is a product naturally present in fermentations. It has a very high boiling point (290 ° C) and a melting point of 18ºC. It is used as a humectant and emulsifier, also to prevent fat bloom of chocolates (when fat inside the ganache comes to the surface of the chocolate). It is used in confectionery and haute cuisine as antifreeze, applied in making ice cream while lowering the sweetness of them. Glicerina is 4 times more antifreeze than table sugar. Glicerina, consumed in large quantities (more than 125 g per day is laxative). However the levels of use in the restoration and especially the consumer grams taken in a food are very small.

Properties: Anti- freezing agent, emulsifier, alleviates union between fat molecules and water
Dosage: 5-10g/kg antic-freezing agent, 2-3g/kg emulsifier
Use: Mix with desired preparation
Field of application: Ice cream, ganaches, any kind of elaboration containing water and fat

Size: 180g

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