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Panes Con Oficio - True Bread - Joaquin Llaras

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The book is divided into a very extensive introduction in which the main ingredients of bread are studied and another part devoted to the basic preparation stages, particularly focusing on the different types of sourdough starters and natural leavening agents. The chapter on breads is the most ambitious, and displays a large number of step-by-step preparations which range from classic breads, such as Galician bread, baguette or peasant’s bread, to those which belong to a new generation of particularly healthy ones, such as organic, spelt, tritordeum or Kamut bread. Italian specialties play a special role in this book, and are a reflection of the experience which the author himself gained in that country. Focaccia, ciabatta Bolognese, pane all’oglio and even panettone are fully explained in the pages of this book, with step-by-step photographs which will surely help reveal their own essence.

- More than 25 different breads and 15 enriched breads.

- Color photography of all breads, with different finishes and step by step explanations.
- Working with natural fermented starters and specialty flours.
- Production of classic breads: baguette, croissant, brioche, ciabatta, peasant bread, Vienna bread, rye bread, focaccia, panettone, cheese bread, onion bread, walnut bread, chocolate & orange bread, "kissing buns", muffins, cookies, etc.
- Professional equipment
- Complete recipes
- Series of web videos demonstrating forming, marking and scoring breads shown in the book.

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