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Callebaut Ecl1pse Milk Couverture Callets 10kg

Ecl1pse is Callebaut's new milk chocolate. This genuine Belgian milk chocolate has only 1% added sugar and nothing artificial. Ecl1pse has approximately twice the milk and cocoa content compared to regular milk chocolate. It is darker, smoother and more intense and creamier than other milk chocolate. It enables you to reduce the sugar content in all your popular chocolate applications by 20% - 50%


  • 100% Belgian milk chocolate / very dark and intense
  • 1 % added sugar only (sucrose)
  • 50% less total sugar (lactose & sucrose) compared to standar milk chocolates
  • NO soy lecithin
  • NO artificial ingredients
  • NO artificial or natural sweeteners or fillers
  • NO gluten
  • Supporting the Cocoa Horizons Foundation - with sustainably sourced cocoa

Ecl1pse can also be mixed with regular milk chocolate to reduce sugar content in a convenient way. Simply mix in Ecl1pse until you achieve the desired taste and sugar content. The sugar reduction varies according to the quantity of Ecl1pse added and ranges from 20% to 50%.



            50% regular milk chocolate
+ 50% ecl1pse             

                                                = 29% sugar reduction and more intense taste         














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