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Chocolate Classes
Chocolate ClassesChocolate Classes
Frank is a master with chocolate, in fact he is a world chocolate master. Well known for his innovative chocolate garnish’s and his showpieces, we have combined the two in a 3-day hands on masterclass exclusive to Savour. Join the class to become a chocolate master yourself!
Learn to create stunning moulded and hand-dipped chocolates in Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School’s signature class.
Further develop and hone your skills in chocolates and pralines with this level 2 course at Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School.
This is the perfect class to master your high- level moulding skills; applying textures, metallics and fine design cocoa butter finishes.
Discover the art of tempering and learn both traditional and modern techniques that are essential in the industry.
Using beans sourced from the top growing regions around the world, learn to make your own original bars of coverture chocolate with award-winning pastry chef Paul Kennedy.
Panning is an art form in itself to coat a crunchy centre, such as a nut, with even layers of chocolate and finishing it with a mirror shine.