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So Good Issue 21



Kirsten Tibballs
Happy birthday, so good..
Jiro Tanaka
Chocolate Japanesque
Johan Martin
Slow viennoiserie
Yann Couvreur
Exactly what it looks like
Frank Haasnoot
The living pastry
Davide Comaschi
Double success
Alexis Bouillet
The piping bag and the spatula
Juan Contreras
A long journey to the sweet side
Nicolas Belorgey
Books full of nostalgia
Attila Meinhart
A culinary touch
Xavi Donnay
Mini priority
Richard Hawke
A dialogue with the ingredients
Pascal de Deyne
Nature in mouth
Essence, by Espaisucre
High school desserts
Miko Aspiras
Stories from the Philippines
Jose Romero
The Panettone inside and out
Anna Bolz
Hitting all the right notes
Ramon Morató & Anne Cazor
A new look at chocolate ganache
MOF 2018
Five of a kind
Wang sen
The western style agitator in China
Jerome Flayosc
The recipe of a chef’s portrait
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