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Patisseries et Gourmandises, tendances et traditions - Stephane Glacier

Fifteen years after receiving the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Stéphane Glacier us his new creation, in the tradition of his previous works: professional book done "by a craftsman for artisans."

"Pastries and sweets, trends and traditions "highlights the latest creations of pastry, inspired by his years of experience and his many travels (especially in Bucharest and Dubai). opening out on the gourmet trend of the moment through a first chapter on cabbage (Eclairs Paris-Brest revisited, Eclair raspberry "full fruit," Choux crumble arabica) , the book then stops on tarts and rustic pies but greedy and timeless (apple tart yuzu, rustic Tarte Sydney, creamy tart and crunchy chocolate) , continues on the simplicity and elegance of sweets and biscuits (Buds undergrowth, Duke of Burgundy Vanilla Dome lemon meringue strawberry basil) and ending with the delicacies (Romias almond Cake "clementine ingot and candied chestnuts," Moist almond milk).

A chapter also discusses basic recipes: biscuits, pastes, creams, icings, decorations and other basic recipes.

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