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The World Chocolate Masters 2015 in Paris

How lucky am I? I have just experienced three days of nail biting intensity (also a little bit of chocolate biting) while viewing the World Chocolate Masters competition in Paris. I had an amazing opportunity to not only walk through the competition area for an intimate view of the competitors, but I also tasted my way through 20 of the world’s best chocolatiers and pastry chef’s creations.

The World Chocolate Masters is a unique international competition that is solely focused on chocolate in every category. The competition is run by French chocolate brand Cacao Barry and is one of the few international competitions that is an individual event and not a team event. The final in Paris had 20 competitors from around the world.

The competition is split into two groups of ten that compete on day one and day two. The competitors were given the theme ‘Inspiration from Nature’ and both groups had to create the following items on their day of competing:

Showpiece by Winner Vincent Vallée of France

Chocolate showpiece
A chocolate sculpture embracing the theme. All the individual elements for the showpiece can be pre-made but not joined.

Moulded praline
Competitors had the opportunity to design their own chocolate mould fitting with the theme and create a moulded chocolate live during the competition.

Sweet Snack on the Go
A sweet takeaway item made live. The competitors also had to design and print their own packaging to present their snack in.

‘My Or Noir’ story
Prior to the competition commencing all competitors were flown to Paris to design and create their own chocolate from the cocoa bean that was presented at the competition to a panel of expert judges. This chocolate could also be used in any of the competitor’s products.

Here is the twist: After the first two days of competition only the top ten competitors go through to day three. Let me put this into perspective; ten of the competitors who have trained, worked, sacrificed, developed and prepared their products for day three didn’t have the opportunity to compete. Here is what the top ten finalists created on day three:

Selection of Pralines from the Competitors

Patisserie of the Day
The patisserie of the day must contain at least three different textural elements and have an explicit chocolate taste. Patisserie of the day is a fresh and delicate pastry which is meant to be displayed and made “à la minute” or fresh each morning. A traditional example of a patisserie of the day might be a Saint-Honoré, Millefeuille or Éclair.

Artistic creation titled: ‘Where Nature Goes’
A broken white bird cage supplied by the organisers was the base to be used for a small chocolate showpiece. Adhering to the theme, competitors were asked to build a chocolate showpiece utilising the bird cage as a base.

On October the 30th this year Vincent Vallée from France was crowned World Chocolate Master in Paris. Hailed as the ‘most challenging chocolate competition’ in the world of chocolate, it is the most prestigious title to win for chocolatiers. For the next three years, Vincent Vallée will

Vincent Vallee of France

Vincent Vallee of France

wear the title of World’s Best Chocolate Craftsman. He gets the unique opportunity to visit a cocoa plantation and his work will be displayed in the world-renowned Harrods department store in London. Hinashi Onobayashi from Japan and Marijn Coertjens from Belgium were awarded the silver and bronze medals.

Australia will be holding the World Chocolate Masters national selections at Crown Casino on the 26th of June 2016. For expressions of interest or to receive an entry form please contact Kirsten Tibballs via the Savour contact us page.

Frank Haasnoot teaches on Savour Online Classes

Frank-Haasnoot---Savour-Online-ClassesWorld Chocolate Master Frank Haasnoot is making an exclusive guest appearance on Savour Online Classes, giving you all the secrets to enable you to replicate his amazing designs.

Frank was a Guest Chef at Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School in November teaching hands-on classes in our hands-on facility in Brunswick. We were very fortunate to be able arrange a free day with Frank to film his Online Classes.

With so many recipes and techniques in Frank’s repertoire, it was almost impossible to decide what to film. We could have spent the entire day to film one of his spectacular and complex recipes, but Frank had another idea.

‘How do you make your garnishes?’ That’s the number 1 question World Chocolate Master Frank Haasnoot is asked. His suggestion, why not give the people want they want to know. We spent approximately 7 hours filming the five chocolate garnish videos.

Frank Haasnoot PDF Recipe

Starting today, subscribers will be able to get unlimited access to the first of his five part video series. Each video will focus on a particular garnish technique. The will also be able to download a PDF of with more notes to help you learn.

CLICK NOW to subscribe and watch Frank’s five part video series on Savour Online Classes.

Frank-Haasnoot---Matcha-GarnishFrank Haasnoot was born in the Netherlands and worked in several pastry shops around the world. In 2007, Frank placed 4th in the World Chocolate Masters won in 2011, placing him in a very select group of pastry chefs. Since his victory, he has worked at The Victorian in Kuwait and is currently working at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan.

Rebecca Carins wins World Chocolate Masters Qualifiers Australia 2014

Rebecca Carins - Chocolate Showpiece - World Chocolate Masters Australian Qualifier 2014 - Close upThree master chocolatiers, Rebecca Carins of Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School in Melbourne, Elicia Chan and Sassi Matteo competed on Sunday, May 25 for the opportunity to represent Australia at the World Chocolate Masters next year in Paris.


Visitors watched in awe as the entrants created individual chocolates, an entremet and a chocolate sculpture around the theme “Inspiration from Nature”. These products were created in eight gruelling hours of competition organised by Australia’s ‘Queen of Chocolate’ Kirsten Tibballs and proudly presented by Callebaut and Cacao Barry.


Rebecca Carins - Chocolate Showpiece - World Chocolate Masters Australian Qualifier 2014 - WorkingArriving at 6am to begin judging the contenders were Kanjiro Mochizuki from The Imperial Hotel Japan, considered one of the world’s leaders in sugar work and has served on the jury of the National Pastry Team Championship and Coupe de Monde in Lyon. He was joined by Adriano Zumbo of Adriano Zumbo Patissier, and Deniz Karaca, who was placed third when he competed in Paris at the World Chocolate Masters 2013.


Unusually warm weather in Winter saw contestants swelter in the Hordern Pavillion, not at all ideal for chocolate. Unfortunately for Sassi, the heat caused his showpiece to welter and fall. Fortunately, he made a miraculous recovery and was able to finish his chocolate showpiece in time.


It was Rebecca Carins’ who withstood the heat of the competition and took out the major prize, a Robot Coupe Blixer 3 and the opportunity to compete in the Asia Pacific World Chocolate Masters Qualifier in Taipei. As runner up, Elicia Chan won a trip overseas to Taipei to watch the Asia World Chocolate Masters Qualifier.  For third prize, Sassi Matteo won a class with 2013 World Chocolate Masters Champion Frank Haasnoot at Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School.


Rebecca’s remarkable chocolate showpiece is now on display at Savour. Stay tuned for more on Rebecca’s journey to Taipei.


Entries Open for World Chocolate Masters Australian Qualifier!

World Chocolate MastersEvery dreamed of winning the World Chocolate Masters in Paris? This could be your moment! Entries are now open for the World Chocolate Masters Australia Qualifier with the theme just announced in Paris: INSPIRATION FROM NATURE.


The World Chocolate Masters is the only competition in the world solely dedicated to the creative use of chocolate. Always on the lookout for the world’s most promising chocolate talent, the organizing chocolate brand Cacao Barry® has begun preparing for the 6th edition of this famous international competition. The search for the world’s greatest exponent of chocolate work will start again soon with a series of National Selections to be held throughout all corners of the world.
Nature proofs to be a strong source of sensorial inspiration. Whether it is the colour of flavors, the sounds of the ocean, the change of seasons, nature is all around us and affecting our moods. At the same time we want more pure, authentic and high quality ingredients. For us, food is more than just food.



For the 6th edition of the World Chocolate Masters, Pâtissiers, Chocolatiers and Chefs will have to play with colours, shapes, scents, textures…to tickle Jury’s senses. We like to invite chocolate creators around the world to explain us how natural products are shaped and transformed into a delightful story with cacao and chocolate at the heart.


If you would like to enter please contact Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School

Asia Chocolate Masters – Deniz Karaca of Australia wins!

Deniz KaracaAustralia has done it again; first place in the Asian World Chocolate Masters selections for the second time in a row.


After being awarded first place at the national qualifier in Australia last May, Deniz Karaca from Epicure catering in Melbourne, has been training tirelessly to prepare for the Asian WCM qualifier recently held in Taiwan. At stake, the top two countries would qualify to compete in Paris at the World Chocolate Masters.


With the theme ‘Architecture of Taste’, competitors were challenged to create a chocolate show piece, two identical chocolate gateaux, 40 moulded chocolates and a reinvention of the classic mille feuille.


The jury panel and audiences were fascinated by Deniz’s showpiece which captured the essence of the competition theme. ‘Just like a building or a bridge, taste has its very own architecture’ says Deniz, when asked about his showpiece creation by the jury panel. ‘For a building, its strength is measured by the way it is put together just as much as what elements where used to build it, such as wood, stone or steel. The same principal can be applied when creating flavours’.  Entremet - Deniz Karaca


Going into an international competition, judges genially have no expectations regarding Australia, which is a good thing, as we can fly under the radar a little bit. They are mostly drawn to the countries that have dominated for decades in chocolate and patisserie such as France, Belgium and Switzerland. These countries have already established a fierce rivalry, and judges are often very critical, searching long and hard for an opportunity to mark then down. Deniz’s work, however, was a stand out in the Asian competition, with the judges impressed by his innovative creations.


The top two in Asia were Australia and Macau, both winning the chance to compete in the World Chocolate Masters in Paris. For his achievement, Deniz also took home a Kitchen Aid stand mixer and won the honour of designing his own chocolate mould by Chocolate World, the leading chocolate mould manufacturer in Belgium.


Deniz now has the monumental task of training for the WCM held in Paris on the 28th and 29th of October this year. He will now compete against 20 of the leading chocolatiers and pastry chefs from around with the world to try and secure the title of World Chocolate Master 2013.