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Almond Cake – Petit Fours Recipe

Almond-Cake---Petit-FourIt’s all about ‘Soul’ with this light, easy and delightful petit four. A delicious recipe for you to serve with coffee or to savour on it’s own.


Almond Cake
1100g Odense almond paste 60%
600g Eggs
300g Melted unsalted butter at 30°C

Beat almond paste until completely Smooth and add eggs very slowly to avoid lumps. Finally add melted butter.
Place the mix in Demarle Flexipan
alternate bake proof mould.
Cook at 180°C for about 40 minutes
depending on your oven.

Strawberry Confit
180g Boiron Strawberry Puree
120g Strawberries, diced
3g Mint Leaves
15g Citrus Pectin
60g Caster Sugar
6g Lemon Juice

Combine strawberry puree, and mint leaves, bring to a boil.
Strain the strawberry puree mixture through a chinoise into another small pot.
Add small diced strawberry and bring the mixture back to boil. Mix pectin and sugar. Then, gradually add to boiling strawberry puree mixture. Boil for 2 minutes and add lemon juice.

Chocolate Mousse
300 g Caster sugar
90 g Water
270 g Whole eggs
120 g Egg yolks
720 g Dark couverture chocolate Madagascar 66% cocoa
960 g Whipped cream

Beat the eggs and egg yolks with an electric mixer. Cook the sugar with the water at 118°C then pour over the whisked eggs and yolks to make a bombe mixture. Continue whisking until completely cold. Melt the chocolate at 36°C. Incorporate 1/5 of the whipped cream into the chocolate; add the bombe mixture then the rest of the whipped cream. Pipe into Demarle flexipan sphere mould.

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