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Raspberry Cream Tart by Kirsten Tibballs

Raspberry Cream Tart

By Kirsten Tibballs at Savour

Makes 2 x 20cm tarts

Equipment required

  • Stone surface for chocolate curls
  • Thermometer
  • Tweezers
  • Saucepans
  • Microwave
  • Plastic bowl for the microwave
  • 5 x flat trays
  • Disposable piping bags
  • Scissors
  • Ladle
  • Small sieve
  • Assorted bowls
  • Stand Mixer x 2
  • Paddle attachment for mixer
  • Whisk attachment for mixer

Breton Shortbread

  • 168g      Unsalted Butter
  • 168g      Caster Sugar
  • 4g           Salt
  • 72g        Egg Yolks
  • 230g      Plain Flour
  • 22g        Baking Powder
  • QS          Callebaut Mycryo Cocoa Butter

Mix the butter, caster sugar and the salt in an electric mixer with a paddle attachment. Add the egg yolks and then finally the flour and baking powder. Press the dough in a flat square, wrap and chill for an hour. Roll out on a bench lightly dusted with flour to a 1cm thickness. Cut into a 20cm disc with a cake ring. Place the pastry on a lined tray and place the cake ring on the outside. Bake at 170°C for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Run a knife around the edge of the ring while it is still hot and dust it with Mycryo to seal the pastry.

 Raspberry Jelly

  • 7g           Gold Gelatine Sheets
  • 230g      RaviFruit Frozen Raspberry Puree, defrosted
  • 35g        Caster Sugar

Pre-soak the gelatine sheets in a bowl of cold water until soft and pliable and then mix together with one third of the defrosted puree and the sugar. Heat to approximately 60°C and then add the remaining defrosted puree.

White Chocolate Chantilly Cream

  • 210g      Callebaut W2 white chocolate
  • 300g      Bulla Thickened Cream 35% Fat (A)
  • 30g        Liquid Glucose
  • 1 tsp      Heilala Vanilla Bean Paste
  • 440g      Bulla Thickened Cream (B)

Melt the chocolate until hot. Boil cream A with the glucose and vanilla bean paste. Whisk it together with the melted chocolate. Add the liquid cream B and mix together. Place in the fridge for 24 hours before whipping.

Chocolate Curls

  • 400g Callebaut white chocolate W2

 To create your curls, temper your preferred couverture. You can follow our tempering instructions on our YouTube page (@savourschool). Place the tempered couverture on to a stone surface and spread it with a palate knife. Work it backward and forward until the couverture starts to resist. With a metal scraper working away from yourself, place the scraper on the surface of the couverture and with firm pressure scraping on a diagonal, scrape the chocolate to form tapered cigarettes.


  • 1 punnet of fresh Raspberries

 Place the raspberry jelly into the centre of the cooled baked tart and place in the fridge to set for an hour. Once set, pipe Chantilly cream on the tart with a Saint Honore piping tube. Place fresh raspberries and chocolate curls in the centre.


Christmas with the Queen of Chocolate

Christmas Wreath from Cake Bake & Sweet Show Melbourne 2016

By Kirsten Tibballs at Savour



Makes 1 x mousse cake in the Silikomart Lady Queen mould


  • Freezer
  • Microwave
  • Plastic bowl for the microwave
  • 5 x flat trays
  • Disposable piping bags
  • Scissors
  • Ladle
  • Small sieve
  • Assorted bowls
  • Stand Mixer x 1
  • Whisk attachment for mixer
  • Wire rack for glazing
  • Stone surface for chocolate work
  • Thermometer
  • Tweezers
  • Saucepans

Shortbread base

  • 150g      Unsalted butter
  • 250g      Plain Flour
  • 65g        Free Range Eggs
  • 100g      Icing Sugar
  • 25g        Almond Meal
  • Pinch of Salt
  • Plain flour for dusting


Combine the butter and flour in a bowl with a paddle attachment on a KitchenAid Mixer. Bring it to a crumb texture and add in the eggs and dry ingredients. Bring together as a dough and press into an even flat square. Place the shortbread in the fridge for up to an hour or until it becomes firm enough to roll out. Lightly dust the bench surface with flour and roll out the shortbread to a 3mm thickness. Cut a ring 50mm inside and 200mm outside. Bake 170°C for 10-12 minutes or until a light golden brown colour.


Raspberry Jelly

  • 22g        Gold Gelatine Sheets
  • 500g      Frozen Raspberry Puree, defrosted
  • 375g      Caster Sugar


Pre-soak the gelatine in cold water until soft and pliable. Place an additional 2 large frames on the prepared frames. Take one third of the defrosted raspberry puree and combine with the sugar. Heat until all the sugar is dissolved and then add in the pre-soaked gelatine. Remove from the heat and add the remaining defrosted puree and mix well. Place into a Silikomart Lady Queen insert mould and freeze.


Sugar coated almonds

  • 25g        Water
  • 35g        Caster Sugar
  • 125g      Almond Splinters
  • 10g        Pure Icing Sugar


Place the water and sugar into a saucepan and boil until the sugar dissolves. Remove from the heat and pour the sugar syrup over the slithered almonds and combine. Place the coated almonds onto a tray lined with a Silpat mat and dust with the icing sugar.

Place the prepared almonds into the oven and bake at 170°c. for approximately 10-12 minutes. In short intervals turn over the almonds with a spatula to ensure even roasting. Cool the almonds at room temperature.


Festive Mousse

  • 60g        Caster Sugar
  • 30g        Water
  • 60g        Egg Yolks
  • 2             Heilala Vanilla beans
  • 3.5g       Gold Gelatine Leaves
  • 130g      Callebaut White Chocolate Velvet
  • 25g        Glaze cherries
  • 25g        Glace orange
  • 25g        Sugar coated almond*
  • 25g        Dark Chocolate Chips
  • 345g      Bulla Thickened Cream 35% fat, semi whipped


Boil the sugar and water to 123°C. Pour over the whisked egg yolks, add the glaze cherries and glace orange and continue to whisk until it cools slightly (to create a pate bombe). Soak the gelatine in cold water until soft and pliable. Once soft drain off the excess water and heat in the microwave for 30 seconds or until melted, do not heat above 80°C. Melt the white chocolate to approximately 60°C and fold through ¼ of the semi whipped cream. Continue folding and add the pate bombe. Add a small amount of this mixture to the melted gelatine and mix together before adding back into the mousse and folding through. Lastly fold through the remainder of the semi whipped cream and add the vanilla beans. Weigh in 150g per mould on top of the raspberry jelly, level it out and place in the freezer.



Pipe the festive mousse halfway into a Silikomart Lady Queen mould. Push it up the sides of the mould with a spoon. Place in the frozen raspberry jelly and fill to the top of the mould with remaining mousse. Freeze for a minimum of 6 hours.


Chocolate Glaze



  • 240g      Fresh Cream 35% Fat
  • 50g        Water
  • 360g      Caster Sugar
  • 120g      Callebaut Cocoa Powder 22-24%
  • 100g      Neutral Glaze
  • 10g        Gold Gelatine Sheets


Pre-soak the gelatine in a bowl of chilled water until it becomes soft and pliable. Drain off the excess water and leave the gelatine at room temperature. Bring the cream, water and sugar to boil. Add the cocoa powder and neutral glaze and return to a boil. Emulsify with a stick blender, add the pre-soaked gelatine and strain. Place plastic wrap on the surface of the glaze. Allow the glaze to cool to between 32-35°C before glazing the frozen mousse.


  • Chocolate holly leafs
  • Chocolate pinecones
  • Chocolate reindeers
  • Gold Metallic powder
  • 24 carat gold leaf
  • Chocolate bells
  • Red chocolate ribbon loops


Garnish the wreath with prepared chocolate garnishes and dust with gold metallic.