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VIP Membership Program






What is the VIP Membership Program? 

Savour’s VIP Programme is your entry to patisserie and chocolate. Whether you’re an experienced chef wanting to upskill or are simply looking for a change in career, the VIP course offers a high level of training and development in the industry. As one of the most reputable chocolate school’s in Asia-Pacific, the VIP programme is the only way to assist our award-winning chefs. You’ll have access to over 20 classes as well as the finest ingredients and state of the art equipment. Our expert instructors have a wealth of knowledge in the industry and will be there to guide and nurture you throughout the term. As you progress throughout the course, you’ll also have the opportunity to support our teachers in classes to ensure you are applying the skills and knowledge you’ve learnt.

To top it all off, the VIP course is regarded as the best value for money with up to 50% off classes. You’ll receive a value depending on the term you choose (3 month or 6 month) and that allows you to book as many classes as you like up to that value. It’s a winner, we say.


Membership Program Information

Per calendar year we accept 3 full-time students for the 3 month program and 2 part-time students for the 6 month program.


Membership Period Duration


Positions Available


Positions Available

Cost Membership Value*
Term 1 |January to March 3 Months full 3 $3,890 $8,000
Term 2 | April to June 3 Months full 3 $3,890 $8,000
Term 3 | July to September 3 Months 3 3 $3,890 $8,000
Term 4 |October to December 3 Months 1 3 $3,890 $8,000
Term 1 & 2 | January to June 6 Months full 3 $4,390 $9,000
Term 3 & 4 | July to December 6 Months full 3 $4,390 $9,000


Who can apply?

Anyone and everyone! The VIP programme is ideal for those who want to start their career in chocolate and patisserie. Those wanting to upskill will also find it an invaluable experience.

I’m an international student, can I apply?

Absolutely! Each term we have students from all over the world.

Do I need a visa?

If you are an international student you require a visa. We recommend you double check with your agent what visa you require, but you can attend classes with us on a tourist visa.


Can you provide me with a letter confirming me of attendance for my visa application?

Yes, please email admin@savourschool.com.au with your request.


Is the VIP programme formally recognised?

As Savour is a private institution, we are not formally recognised. However, we are recognised by learning patisseries around the world. Previously students have received RPL (Recognised Prior Learning) or Credits for attending our classes.

Upon competition of the VIP programme, you will be issued with a certificate and listing of every class you attended.


Can I extend the membership or change the membership start and end dates?

No. Our membership periods are fixed terms and we are unable to extend your start or end dates outside of that period.


How do I pay?

Once your place is confirmed, our accounts department will send you an invoice. You can pay the invoice online or over the phone. All invoices must be paid within 14 days to secure your place on the programme. If we have not received payment after 14 days, your place will be cancelled.


I have been accepted to the VIP programme, what happens next?

You will receive a confirmation email of your place and what term you are attending. We won’t contact you until a month before your programme is due to begin. A few weeks before your term, we will send you a VIP Welcome Pack and a date for Orientation.


Are all classes included in the VIP programme?

You cannot use your VIP value for Guest Chef classes, Starting Your own Business, pop-up classes, demonstrations or competitions.


How many classes can I do?

There is no limit to how many classes you attend. Once you exceed your VIP value ($8,000 for 3 month or $9,000 for 6 month) you will be issued an invoice and charged for any classes booked in excess of your value.


When can I start booking classes?

You will receive your membership login details 2 weeks before your term begins. You can then start to book classes.


Can I use my VIP value for classes outside of my term?

No. You must use your VIP value for classes occurring within your fixed term.


There’s a class I want to attend but it’s not scheduled within my term.

We try our best to ensure all classes are available, however due it seasonality, it is not possible for all classes to be scheduled in each term. Particular classes such as Chocolate Flowers and Chocolate Showpieces are only available twice a year.


What if a class I want to attend is fully booked?

You can add your name to the waitlist and we will let you know if a place becomes available. Depending on your experience, you may be able to assist the teacher. We advise you talk to the teacher in circumstances where a class you wish to attend is fully booked.


Is there an orientation day?

Yes, we will organise an orientation day for you to meet your teacher, other VIP students and everyone at Savour! You will be given a tour of the school and can ask any questions you need to.


What do I wear during my VIP membership?

 You will be given a tour of the school and can ask any questions you need to. All VIP students must wear a chef jacket. For more information on where to purchase a chef jacket, please contact us.

If you have any further questions, please email admin@savourschool.com.au or call (03) 9380 9777.



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Please refer to the VIP Membership Application Form for further terms and conditions.