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VIP Membership Program









What is the VIP Membership Program? 

The VIP Membership Program is a unique learning experience tailored for those with a passion for pursuing a career in chocolate and patisserie. We have strived to create an opportunity for you to learn from and work alongside world-renowned chefs. We are offering this program for those with dedication, commitment and drive to take their career to the next level or to just simply open up many different pathways. We expect all our VIP students to represent the Savour brand during their Membership period and maintain a professional demeanour and enthusiasm throughout the duration of the VIP Program. Our VIP Program holds a reputation for providing the highest quality training and development through the creation of modern and exquisite chocolates and pastries using the finest equipment and ingredients. We will help turn your passion into a profession.


Membership Program Information

The program is available all year round. Per calendar year we only accept three (3) full-time students per three (3) month program and two (2) part-time students per three (6) month program.


Membership Period Duration


Positions Available


Positions Available

Cost Membership Value*
Term 1 |January to March 3 Months full 1 $3,890 $8,000
Term 2 | April to June 3 Months full 3 $3,890 $8,000
Term 3 | July to September 3 Months full 3 $3,890 $8,000
Term 4 |October to December 3 Months full 3 $3,890 $8,000
Term 1 & 2 | January to June 6 Months full 1 $4,390 $9,000
Term 3 & 4 | July to December 6 Months full 1 $4,390 $9,000


Who can apply?

This program is for everyone with a passion for chocolate and patisserie. Whether you are building on your skills, creating a pathway for your career or just simply love the industry, then this is the next step for you. You do not need to have any prior experience or education in order to apply for the VIP Program. As part of the VIP Program, you may be asked to assist the Chef in classes that may grant you further training. You could also have the ability to go behind the scenes in the development of recipes and classes and work alongside other staff and students.


How is this VIP Program recognised?
The VIP Program we provide will not be formally recognised as we are a private school, however our VIP Program is recognised by leading patisseries around the world. Past students have received RPL (Recognised Prior Learning) or Credits for previously attending our classes. At the end of their membership, our VIP students each receive a detailed certificate listing every class attended which can be provided to other training institutions or workplace as part of their previous education/ training.


How many classes can I do?

There is no limit to how many classes you can attend, however any classes booked in excess of your VIP Membership value (refer to the above table) will be charged in full and will need to be paid in FULL prior to class attendance. You will be issued with an invoice from our Accounts department via email (hard copy must be requested).


Does the program include all classes over the membership period?

Unfortunately, no. The program lets you select which classes you would like to take up to the value cap of your membership. The program is structured this way to allow students to take classes which suit their interests, ambitions and schedule. You will be able to take the vast majority of our classes at least once with either membership program.


Can I extend the membership or change the membership start and end dates?   

Unfortunately, the membership periods are fixed terms and we are unable to extend membership periods. This allows all the VIP students to take part in majority of the classes at their own pace within their membership period.


Can I finish the VIP Program quicker?

Whether you’re a 3 month or a 6 month VIP student, it would be beneficial that you schedule your classes at Savour so that you are here for your whole VIP Membership period. 3 month VIP Students should be aiming to schedule approximately 10 days per month and 6 month VIP students should be aiming to schedule approximately 5 days per month. This is calculated on an approximate daily amount of $265.00.


Does Savour offer all of their classes within the 3 month and 6 month term blocks?

Due to seasonal changes to our class schedule, not all classes will be available during your VIP Membership period.

If you have any further questions, please email our School Administrator at admin@savourschool.com.au or call (03) 9380 9777.



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Please refer to the VIP Membership Application Form for further terms and conditions.